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Welcome!  Thank you for visiting my website.  I’m Laura Fairbanks; let me to tell you about myself.  For many years I have performed, taught, accompanied, and recorded piano, flute and recorder.  Music has power to soothe and inspire and I strive to create recreational and enriching experiences to last a lifetime.


My students range in age from 5 to 85, in skill from beginner to advanced, and I especially enjoy working with special needs students.  I work in public schools, collages, nursing homes, a studio at Yenney Music and in my home.

Along with teaching piano, flute, picolo and recorder, I welcome opportunities to accompany soloists and groups, provide private and group music therapy sessions in a variety of settings, and perform.

Many students want music theory and composition, but find it intimidating at times.  I gently incorporate these into lessons at a pace that is comfortable for the individual.  Many original works are entered into competitions, which can be exciting and motivating for any musician. 


Someone once said, “One performance is worth ten rehearsals.”  I organize two recitals each year so my students can experience the thrill of performing for family, friends and others they are not even acquainted with.  Younger students, and sometimes the not so young, receive coaching and practice in presentation skills that apply to many areas of life.  And besides, it’s fun.


Playing music with others is a real skill and needs to be practiced.  Occasionally I design and present workshops with other music teachers to encourage growing musicians to interact with one another.   We also listen to how the composer intended the piece to be performed and how the written page can be interpreted.

Another service I offer is recording in our home studio.  This can be a single piece on a CD in one afternoon, or a more serious effort involving mixing and editing over time.  I call in experts for support on this one.

Cover photo from Into the Woods' first CD, Angel, a family album much like what you could create.  Our daughter created the clay figure and performs on the CD together with her friends. Includes traditional, classical and original music and songs, liner notes, lyrics; and we sell it for $10.  A new release coming soon.

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